Four Frauds


I was (still am) burning up with a fever in bed when I received these notifications. Never in my limited imagination had I thought I would receive so much support for my work, and so quickly. Thank you, all of you, for following and liking my posts. When I find it hard to continue, your support is what compels me to sally forth.

On this occasion I present four fraud facts: 

When I was four, I was given a piece of gum
Lolled it, chewed it, shaped it back in its wrapping
Gave it back to my uncle who had no inkling.

When I was five, I pretended to see angels.
My parents believed pious children saw angels
But the eyes beneath my desk must be angels, or else
They shift in the dark, and grin toothless terrors in the night.

When ten I forged my father’s signature
It was a better alternative than admitting my failure
My teacher knew that the lines were too wobbly
To be my father’s confident strokes, but she too understood
Forgery is better than the receiving end of the cane.

At eleven I read poetry that moved me so much
I scribbled it down with my own inscription.
Plagiarism starts from the home, it seems, as
It was so good my parents said I should be published
But they did not see me burning the original poem, afraid
Lest my acclaim be shoved down my throat as shame.

Since then I have not written poems for over a decade until I started this blog. Rest assured, all works on this website are my own unless otherwise indicated. 


6 thoughts on “Four Frauds

  1. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I have
    truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.

    In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!


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