You love me, stare into my eyes
Study her fragments in the grey flecks of my iris
She sits on your sagged shoulders
Perched atop your frame, ethereal
Triumphant in her transcendence
She is thinner than nitrogen
But permeates your lungs
Layers of soot collect in your bronchi
From years of inhaling her essence

When you kiss me, she floats down
Her lips plumped crimson
Adept at stealing your kisses
From less deserving women
She is diaphanous
Yet fills the room you inhabit
Her gossamer memories
Reproduce in your cranium
Weightier than cities

You deny her existence
She lies betwixt us every night
When we walk her shadow
Casts a length greater than mine
She is the crepuscular wind that caresses you
The white morning terrors that seize you
The noir filter that drains all women of colour
Everyday she grows, while you pretend
You love me as if I was she

You love me, she stares into my eyes
Gloating in her vicarious victory
She knows, even as she cast you aside
She still possesses you
In every woman’s eyes.

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