Lot’s Wife

How could I tell you I was afraid of your eyes?

They reminded me of living
Long after I had turned back for Sodom
And froze into a salt pillar for lusting after
His promises of milk and honey.

I saw your heart unravel in your eyes
Melting as a lifespring into my porous hands:
Too frigid to receive your spring rain, too hardened
To know love was not about sucking moisture dry.

When you said you loved me
You did not know that you
Were the rain, and I was

Dead Sea.


8 thoughts on “Lot’s Wife

  1. Dear BN, “… too hardened to know love was not about sucking moisture dry.” Thank you for writing this. It is probably the hardest thing to say about oneself (true or not). It is a poem so perspectives can be played with so I am trying not to make any assumptions. Whatever the perspective, the speaker or the other, it is an accurate description of the longing and thirst for love without knowing or building up the capacity to contain it once offered. I always enjoy a good reference from the Bible.

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