The Unbearable Lightness of Being Happy

Silver ice covered this purple fig
Heart, commanded to bear fruit no
Longer many winters ago, when
Selfish appetites stripped it bare of life

You braved the violent winter that year
Spun away the bitter cobwebs, the
Frozen sheen I had adopted as skin
In lieu of budding fruit devoured by cold

Darling, I know that after the frost
I will bear fruit one day.

But when we curl up against the draft
And you drape your sanguine aura
Over my gnarled, frozen shoulders

I realize

You have become the warmest winter I know.


For the Nice Guy

You have found her — Aphrodite
She fills your desert to the brim
A sea is formed within, for her
You’d do anything.

Cast your nets out every dawn
To fish for what she desires
She’s in the distance, perfect; lithe
In your loins she ignites a fire.

Hoist the sails on your boat
As the currents bring you closer
I have mapped constellations for us, you scream
I will give you what you require.

But she does not see your wayward boat
Nor the abundance of your sacrifice
To her your offerings are but a
Sprinkling of rain upon a precipice.

Days and months of drifting lead you
Nowhere near her heart
You realise that your sea is just
A sea of unrequited love.

You seethe, you writhe, you toss your waves
Working up a tempest
It is simply unfair for you to love
While she remains untouched in the slightest.

But if you put down your telescope, you will find
She is not your Aphrodite
You have spent so long at sea that
You forgot where the land is.

If you continue on this sea, you will
Drain it dry with your parched fantasy
But if you disembark from this futile trip
Maybe, just maybe

She will be waiting for you on an island.

An Ode to Life (and lack thereof)

A code is written in our genes of the explosion that
Saturates our cells with innumerable stardust

We breathe the same atoms Adam breathed in the garden
While his teeth sank into the saccharine fruit of rebellion

The remnants of millions of past lives
Course through our veins as our numbered days

We move the stars to envy with our capacity for life
And yet we sit here drowning our misery with

The way our blood dances in crimson arabesques on the wet bathroom floor.