Our Opaque Conniptions

Is it possible we had never met? 

Your skin a carpet of sullied fur
Decked on a canvas of bergamot and vetiver
Pupils dilating hot flashes of lust — desire;

Tonight our bodies simulate rhythms of love

Ply me with aphrodisiacs of the vine
So our pheromones won’t recoil against the
Alien sensations of each others’ fingertips

Wrestle between the sheets with me

Your heated torso swelling to my touch
Sweet paralysis occluding your mind
Together we dance the dance of the possessed

Together we escape our own moral turpitude.

Which part of your fractured soul compels you to
Seize me with the frenzy of the damned
As if tomorrow will never dawn?

Our entwined bodies silence these erratic palpitations 

But tomorrow will dawn, as surely as
Our endorphins will dissolve in the light.
And I will wash you out of my hair

For we will never meet again.

4 thoughts on “Our Opaque Conniptions

    1. I am very honoured by your nomination Malvika. I feel quite new to the blogosphere, so I don’t think I’ll be making a post about this. Doesn’t mean I am any less excited by your mention 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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